“Sifu Luan takes time to be with everyone.”

DATE: 08/16/2016

As a mum of two boys, Marjorie has enjoyed major health benefits since joining the Lam Tu Luan Kung Fu school. “Training has made me fitter and stronger than I have ever been,” she says. “By continuing on, I also hope to become more confident in the application of techniques.”

So, what has Marjorie enjoyed most about training with Sifu Luan? “It’s the way he shares his vast knowledge with his students that’s so helpful. He really takes time with everyone, giving individual attention to each of us to show us the correct forms and movements. I love being here, too, because it’s got a great family atmosphere and the styles and techniques we’re taught are practical and useful.”

Knowing she’s a student at one of Australia’s most renowned Kung Fu Schools is also a real positive for Marjorie. “I like knowing it’s such a respected school,” she says. “And it’s great that it has strong connections with other Jow Ga schools all around the world.”

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