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“It’s got the best people and the activities are great.”

Published: 29 August 2016

Matthew first started to learn Kung Fu because he wanted a healthier body and to learn more about Chinese culture. He’d also been experiencing problems with his knee after surgery and he’s been delighted with his progress.

“Now I can do everything I used to be able to do when it was still good. My fitness has improved greatly and it just gets better every week,” he says.

“Sifu Luan takes time to be with everyone.”

Published: 29 August 2016

As a mum of two boys, Marjorie has enjoyed major health benefits since joining the Lam Tu Luan Kung Fu school. “Training has made me fitter and stronger than I have ever been,” she says. “By continuing on, I also hope to become more confident in the application of techniques.”

So, what has Marjorie enjoyed most about training with Sifu Luan? “It’s the way he shares his vast knowledge with his students that’s so helpful. He really takes time with everyone, giving individual attention to each of us to show us the correct forms and movements. I love being here, too, because it’s got a great family atmosphere and the styles and techniques we’re taught are practical and useful.”

Knowing she’s a student at one of Australia’s most renowned Kung Fu Schools is also a real positive for Marjorie. “I like knowing it’s such a respected school,” she says. “And it’s great that it has strong connections with other Jow Ga schools all around the world.”

“I’ve accomplished many things I never would have thought possible.”

Published: 29 August 2016

When Lance chose to learn Kung Fu, he had never heard of the Jow Ga style before. For him, it was all about finding something he could do for fun and fitness and he’s certainly found both of those at the Lam Tu Luan Kung Fu School. “It’s a really friendly atmosphere, “ he enthuses. “The other students aren’t just fellow students – they become friends and family.”

Having much more energy for play time with his own family and a greater level of self confidence are just some of the benefits Lance has experienced since beginning training. He’s also seen a real improvement in his own capabilities. “I really enjoy it because Sifu Luan has a “work hard, play hard” attitude and he knows how to push me to my limits – and beyond! He has also helped me to accomplish many of the things that I never would have considered possible before.”

For Lance, the opportunity to learn a style of Kung Fu that can be adapted for modern use whilst still maintaining its traditional and cultural roots, has been a really positive experience. “The opportunity to be part of one of Australia’s most respected Kung Fu schools which has links to other Jow Ga schools all over the world is just great. In fact, it’s fantastic.”

“I’ve learned to see things in more than one perspective.”

Published: 29 August 2016

Learning Kung Fu was originally all about wanting to look cool, admits Jenny. “I’d always wanted to learn martial arts since a really young age. I wanted to learn self defence, but I have to admit that back then I also wanted to be just like the heroes and heroines I saw on TV!”

Being confident about personal safety is important to Jenny, and just one of the many reasons she trains at the Lam Tu Luan Kung Fu School. “Sifu Luan is very approachable,” she explains. “He goes through the concepts and applications of techniques very well and how they can be used in real life situations like being attacked in the bar or on the street. The disciplines he teaches have opened my eyes to see things in more than one perspective.”

Jenny’s coordination has improved dramatically since beginning her training. “I no longer trip over my own feet!” she says delightedly. “And my immune system has also become stronger; I notice that since beginning my training, I hardly ever get sick, whereas before I was quite often ill.”

But it’s not just about physical well being, she continues. “Kung Fu also helps me keep a cool head during frustrating times and it has also helped me find workaround solutions to life obstacles if a direct solution isn’t immediately obvious. Overall, Kung Fu has helped me physically, emotionally and mentally.”

Jenny sums up why she’s so keen about the Lam Tu Luan Kung Fu school. “You get to learn more about the Chinese culture in a fun way and you also learn so many new things about yourself. And you go on that journey meeting new people along the way; people who will inspire you.”

“You become part of a family, not just a fitness club”

Published: 29 August 2016

“Kung Fu is not just a form of martial arts to me, but a way of life,” explains one of the regular students at the Lam Tu Luan Kung Fu School. “When you’re training, there is a lot of self discipline and I’ve really grown through that.

They say that when a student fails, it’s the teachers’ fault. But Kung Fu has taught me that you cannot teach someone who doesn’t want to be taught. The self discipline I’ve learned is what I now use in my daily life. Through my training, I’ve been able to improve myself both mentally and physically.”

Overall improvement in fitness has been another positive. “Kung Fu offers a broad range of training drills and techniques that focus on all aspects of the body. Everything we do in Kung Fu has meaning; nothing is done without reason.”

Using an ancient martial art to develop a training system that’s useful in today’s world is one of the best things about training with Sifu Luan, according to this happy student. “Sifu Luan has many years’ experience to his name and over the years he’s been able to develop Jow Ga in a way that no one else has.”

And the three top reasons to recommend the Lam Tu Luan Kung Fu School? “That’s easy. It’s a great way to get fit whilst learning self defence; you become part of a family, not just a member of a fitness club; and you learn virtues that are really useful in daily life.”

“Every student is treated with respect.”

Published: 29 August 2016

There are many ways to get fit, but it was Kung Fu that held the key for Andy. “I chose to learn because I wanted to work on three areas, not just one. I was keen to work on my fitness, but equally keen to work on my self esteem and confidence,” he explains.

Andy is really pleased he chose the Lam Tu Luan Kung Fu School. “It’s such a supportive atmosphere, which is really important. Everyone here is very experienced, so you know you’re in safe hands. You also get to learn a lot about the cultural aspects of Kung Fu and I’ve really enjoyed that experience, too.”

Sifu Luan’s training style is exactly what Andy was looking for, he says. “He is very experienced and just so knowledgeable. He teaches every student with the utmost patience and respect.”

And Andy’s fitness level now? “Without doubt, Kung Fu has helped me become more active in my everyday lifestyle. I am far more disciplined and motivated to exercise on a regular basis – and that’s just great.”

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