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No competitions, no grueling grading system, or stressful tournaments – just a real focus on improving your physical and emotional health.

We invite individuals or whole families to come and join us and feel the benefits. Getting fit and becoming more graceful and balanced in their movements is good for everyone.

The Lam Tu Luan Kung Fu School also offers individual training sessions or sparring groups of 2 or 3 for those who are not quite confident in new groups quite yet.

Jow Ga Kung Fu training is ideal for people of any age or ability and works on two levels – connecting the mind and engaging the body. Originally taught to the toughest fighting men of the Chinese Army, Jow Ga utilises both long and short-range techniques.

Jow Ga combines the elements of fast footwork and a various styles of Kung Fu to make you stronger, develop your speed and agility, and increase your overall self-confidence.

Classes generally begin with 5 to 10 minutes of stretching to your body for action and clear your mind.Stretches are then followed by 30 minutes of fitness training.

Expect to find yourself doing push-ups, burpees, sit-ups, running and much more! (Be sure to wear comfortable gym style clothing)Classes are then broken into different levels to focus on their forms and techniques.

This gives you a chance to work with others who are also on the same level as you are, so you don’t feel worried about being left behind.

Unlike other Kung Fu schools, Sifu Luan breaks down each technique into small stages to embed learning – making it easy for everyone to understand and master. And because everything is done to music, there’s no stress – just pure enjoyment.

When Sifu Luan judges you are ready, you can also participate in traditional weapons training if you wish. Using a wide range of weapons such as the double sword or bamboo pole, for example, are an excellent way to develop the entire body, and concentrates on working your core.

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Be prepared – our classes are energetic!

With up to 20 students across different ages, you’re sure to get to fit while making new friends and having fun!In our introductory course, you will learn the fundamentals of the Jow Ga martial arts.

These include the five basic stances (Horse, Side, Cross, Kneel and Cat), the hand techniques (Loc Kin, Gwa Kin Chieu Sao, Lao Sao, Da Kin), and the traditional Jow Ga bow. Learning these will provide the physical condition for the more advance technique and the different forms of Jow Ga, the first being Small Tiger.

Throughout your lessons, you will be taught the application of these techniques and their purpose in self-defence.

Alongside your introduction, you will experience the basic LTL exercise regime and sparing work out that all students participant every lesson. During the sparing work out, you will be paired with another student who you will take turns blocking and attacking. The attacker willpractice self-defence techniques facing an actual person right in front while the defender will be conditioned to absorbed strikes.

The aim is to improve you in case of a real situation of defending yourself.

Throughout your lesson, you will also be taught the importance of mental and emotional focus, and discipline.

These are crucial in martial arts as defending yourself requires being calm and vigilant to overcome the attackers.

This is the essence of the introductory course, but these are nothing compared to experiencing the course yourself.

We hope that this summary of our introductory course has encourage you to partake in a class. Hope to see you in the grand LTL school.


The Lam Tu Luan Kung Fu School offers individual and family packages. You can also choose to pay a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or yearly subscription. Or, if paying as you go suits you best, then that’s fine too.

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