"I’ve learned to see things in more than one perspective"

DATE: 08/16/2016

Learning Kung Fu was originally all about wanting to look cool, admits Jenny. “I’d always wanted to learn martial arts since a really young age. I wanted to learn self-defense, but I have to admit that back then I also wanted to be just like the heroes and heroines I saw on TV!

Being confident about personal safety is important to Jenny, and just one of the many reasons she trains at the Lam Tu Luan Kung Fu School. “Sifu Luan is very approachable,” she explains. “He goes through the concepts and applications of techniques very well and how they can be used in real life situations like being attacked in the bar or on the street. The disciplines he teaches have opened my eyes to see things in more than one perspective.”

Jenny’s coordination has improved dramatically since beginning her training. “I no longer trip over my own feet!” she says delightedly. “And my immune system has also become stronger; I notice that since beginning my training, I hardly ever get sick, whereas before I was quite often ill.”

But it’s not just about physical well being, she continues. “Kung Fu also helps me keep a cool head during frustrating times and it has also helped me find workaround solutions to life obstacles if a direct solution isn’t immediately obvious. Overall, Kung Fu has helped me physically, emotionally and mentally.”

Jenny sums up why she’s so keen about the Lam Tu Luan Kung Fu school. “You get to learn more about the Chinese culture in a fun way and you also learn so many new things about yourself. And you go on that journey meeting new people along the way; people who will inspire you.”

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