"I’ve accomplished many things I never would have thought possible"

DATE: 08/16/2016

When Lance chose to learn Kung Fu, he had never heard of the Jow Ga style before. For him, it was all about finding something he could do for fun and fitness and he’s certainly found both of those at the Lam Tu Luan Kung Fu School. “It’s a really friendly atmosphere, “ he enthuses. “The other students aren’t just fellow students – they become friends and family.”

Having much more energy for play time with his own family and a greater level of self confidence are just some of the benefits Lance has experienced since beginning training. He’s also seen a real improvement in his own capabilities. “I really enjoy it because Sifu Luan has a “work hard, play hard” attitude and he knows how to push me to my limits – and beyond! He has also helped me to accomplish many of the things that I never would have considered possible before.”

For Lance, the opportunity to learn a style of Kung Fu that can be adapted for modern use whilst still maintaining its traditional and cultural roots, has been a really positive experience. “The opportunity to be part of one of Australia’s most respected Kung Fu schools which has links to other Jow Ga schools all over the world is just great. In fact, it’s fantastic.”

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